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Your Debt Doesn't Have to Control Your Life...


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And it won't when you visit San Diego and Imperial Counties' choice bankruptcy attorney — Charles E. Fougeron, Attorney at Law.


Call now for a FREE initial consultation, where you will talk directly with Mr. Fougeron about your debt relief needs, the nature of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, your dischargeable debts, the property you are entitled to keep, and the debts you will need to continue paying.


For a comprehensive look at how bankruptcy can bring control back into your life, schedule a consultation with Valley Bankruptcy Center today!

At Valley Bankruptcy Center, Mr. Fougeron will analyze your financial circumstances and advise you as to the best path to follow in order to properly address your debts.


Mr. Fougeron has been practicing law for over 40 years and has the experience to provide a thorough case evaluation.  He will meet directly with you to discuss your personal circumstances which would include a thorough analysis of your debts, property that you own and your income.  This in depth analysis will enable Mr. Fougeron to determine the type of bankruptcy that would provide the greatest benefit to you."

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